USCF Executive Board Cancels the BINFO System

On 04 Feb 2001 12:18:55 -0600, in Kenneth Sloan wrote:

Bruce Draney writes:

> ... > The organization has rarely if ever supplied MONTHLIES to ordinary > people.

This is incorrect.

1) The USCF used to have a system called "BINFO". All documents distributed to the (Policy/Executive) Board were entered into this system, numbered, and filed. The Monthly financial reports were part of this BINFO stream.

2) Any USCF member could sign up to receive all non-confidential ("classified") BINFO documents, by agreeing to pay for reasonable copying and mailing fees.

3) I was (am?) a subscriber to this service.

4) I received regular (approximately monthly) packets until January 2000. A monthly financial statement was included in nearly every packet (indeed, this was often the major item in each packet and I suspect that the packets were timed specifically around the release of these monthly financial statements). Then...they stopped.

5) Inquiries to Tim Redman are met with "you should contact the ED"

6) Inquires to the ED (specifically regarding the policy of allowing ordinary USCF members to subscribe to the BINFO stream) are met with "policy has not changed" - but no BINFO mailings

7) further inquiries to the EB were met with "we'll put this on the agenda for the January 2001 EB meeting".

bottom line: USCF used to generate monthly financial statements, and mailed them to any USCF member willing to pay for copying and postage. As near as I can make out, this ceased sometime around January 2000.

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