Raymond Keene responds Re: A "Pump-and-Dump" Fraud from Brain Games, by David Levy

dear sam

i am afraid you have been seriously misled by someone and i would like you to correct this highly inaccurate story

1 david levy and i were never kasparov's business managers -anyone making this claim is lying

2 ?3 million pounds sterling were certainly raised for the 2000 world chess championship but from this brain games had to pay the organisational costs and the prize fund of the match-the prize fund alone created a huge dent in the investment and i can assure you that there was no margin for running off with unused funds-anyone who has ever been involved in organising a world chess championship match can confirm what the likely costs of such an event are going to be! the figures you have been fed simply don't add up!!

3 what caused the most serious difficulties for brain games was the fact that the next flagship event - kramnik v fritz was due to be held in bahrain just after 9/11. it was of course postponed by a year because of the atrocity in new york and this postponement lost the company both momentum and investment. numerous other companies and relationships were affected by this act of terrorism. as you will recall i contacted you in new york at that time to ascertain the safety of david goodman who had not spoken to his family in london for some time to assure them he was unharmed.

4 it is a matter of public record that we have already organised and sponsored two chinese chess championships in beijing which brought in huge tv audiences and stacks of publicity. our business is 100% legitimate and already has a proven track record in china .

5 i have agreed to promote the company's activities by playing western chess simultaneously in beijing against invited junior champions in the other games who would like to try western chess. of course i could not face 100 western chess experts but in the past i have successfully taken on 107 juniors simultaneously ( won 101-drew 5 lost 1) and in korea a few years ago i took on a group of players and champions in other mind games - such as go and korean chess- who wanted to try their hand against a grandmaster in western chess. i am sure you could do the same-it is not a particularly amazing feat to face large numbers of opponents who are not very adept in ones own speciality!

i was very hurt by your publication of these allegations without contacting me first for the truth and i would therefore be very grateful if you could ensure that my corrections reach all the recipients of your original message!

best wishes

ray keene

dear sam

i note david levy has issued another diatribe-at the end of this he attempts to explain who he is.

david levy omits however-to mention-surely an accidental omission on his part-that he used to be married to my sister, but that they had a very messy divorce. i think the world has a right to know this and draw their own conclusions.

i would be grateful if you could also distribute this piece of missing information to the mailing list which has received david's pieces. many thanks

perhaps i could also add one thing-what is the logic of doing a pump and dump operation with a company that is already dealing with china? there is a general expectation in the financial world that the chinese market -with the olympics due in a few years-is one of staggering potential growth. why should businessmen wish to dive in and then quickly exit from this market when the long term prospects are widely assesed as being phenomenal and likely to lead to far greater profits. i personally have been involved with the chinese market for four years now-i find chinese chess fascinating-i presented the prizes on chinese tv for our first chinese chess championship in beijing-i have made numerous trips to beijing and i have tremendous faith in the long term viability of the business. i just wish i had as many shares in it as david levy evidently believes i have! i am -sadly- very much of a minority shareholder.

ray keene

A "Pump-and-Dump" Fraud from Brain Games, by David Levy

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