Redman fails to address any of the charges made in the recall petition

Tom Redman makes a smooth and almost convincing presentation, but in the end he does not really address any of the major issues. Let's look at what he says on the various points:

Fiddle points: In his posting, he completely ignores the fiddle points issue, which is the main issue which has galvanized the opposition to him. However, in another posting he says that the matter is in the process of being resolved through the objections procedure. It appears that somebody on the board is either not able or not willing to participate in a conference call with Redman. One wonders who that person is.

No financial statements and no annual report: Redman says: "The Annual Report was held up because of a disagreement as to how to best correct the historical record. That problem was solved in Miami." However, Redman has been saying since September that financial reports were coming out soon. So far, they have not come out.

Spyware in US ChessLive: Redman says: "As to the delusionally paranoid claims about spyware, only a brain like Mr. Sloan's could come up with something so fanciful." However, every computer expert agrees that US ChessLive does contain spyware. This is not a paranoid delusion. Redman brags that 9,000 subscribers have signed up for US ChessLive. However, this is just 9,000 people who will have grounds to file suit once they realize that their computer is infected with spyware.

Those are the three major claims in the recall petition and Redman does not address them. Now, consider the minor claims:

TLA fees: This is an area which has enraged and infuriated many chess organizers, and they are the type of people most likely to be voting members. Redman ignores this issue.

Grand Prix problems: Redman says nothing about this.

Rejected Scholarship program from Club Kasparov: Redman indirectly refers to this when he says that Club Kasparov has closed its New York office. However, that is irrelevant. Club Kasparov offered the scholarships one year ago and made it clear that the offer would not be repeated. Meanwhile, Kasparov has lost the world championship.

Proposals to close down the books and equipment business: Redman does not mention this and apparently some version of this passed during the Miami meeting.

Proposal to close down USCF Correspondence chess: Redman says that Helen Warren spoke against this proposal in Miami and it did not pass. Nevertheless, such a major change should not have been put on the agenda without consulting the committees or notification to the delegates.

In short, Redman still has not addressed any of the issues in substance.

None of the other Executive Board members have said anything about the recall petition or the issues contained therein in public.

Sam Sloan

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