Answer from FIDE Executive Director to questions about drug testing

Dear friends,

I apologise for the mix up regarding my response to Dr. McCrary's email on the above subject.

I confirm that the statement credited to me by Dr. McCrary in his email is correct. We have only the two page forms and no more. I also wish to add that this was the basis on which the drug testing was done at the 2001/2002 World Chess Championships in Moscow and the result proved negative in all the cases.

Both the FIDE Medical Commission and the Presidential Board are aware of the concerns regarding this matter and we have been assured that once players inform the Commission through their doctors of particular drugs or medication they are taking for specific ailments there really should be no cause for concern. The Board is also open to ideas on a positive way to finding a way forward without our having to jeopardize our achievements thus far in the World of Sports.

One thing is clear. Our Medical experts in Bled, headed by WGM Jana Bellin, are taking appropriate measures with the support of WADA to ensure like in Moscow, that we have a hitch free testing.I am certain that this team will do everything ethically possible to ensure that your concerns are adequately addressed.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Omuku

UPDATE: On October 23, the USCF passed an important resolution on Drug Testing by FIDE.

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