USCF Statement on the Anti-Drug Testing Petition of GM Larry Evans The following statement by the USCF just appeared on the chess politics newsgroup. Any comments?


It has come to our attention that Grandmaster Larry Evans is circulating a petition which contains incorrect and misleading information. He asserts that the US Chess Federation has been silent on the issue of drug testing, which is not the case. Our Delegates have passed formal positions on the issue, and the Executive Board will adopt an additional position next week on our scheduled conference call. Executive Board members have already made public statements opposing drug testing in chess events, as has USCF Executive Director, Frank Niro. Additionally, USCF President John McCrary recently addressed the FIDE Presidential Board in Moscow about our concerns on this matter.

GM Evans quotes an individual with the implication that he speaks for FIDE. But opinions and statements of that person, including the one cited, are not endorsed by FIDE, as we have been directly advised by FIDE officials. There is no intent of implementing drug testing in USCF tournaments, and the USCF does not support the need of drug testing in chess. The USCF Executive Board will not permit the implementation of regulations deemed unacceptable to our membership.

The Executive Board does, however, recognize and respect the rights of chess professionals and other federations to make their own choices regarding matters of concern to them. GM Evans has gone so far as to attempt to specify precise wording of motions the Executive Board must pass.

Any person who has questions regarding these issues should contact the USCF President, John McCrary, the Executive Director, Frank Niro, or any other Executive Board member. Contact information is available next to the Table of Contents in each issue of Chess Life.

We appreciate your ongoing support of the USCF.

(signed) R. John McCrary, U.S. Chess Federation President,
(signed) Frank A. Niro, U.S. Chess Federation Executive Director

UPDATE: On October 23, the USCF passed an important resolution on Drug Testing by FIDE.

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