America claims to be at war with terrorists

I realize that you do not feel that the attack on the World Trade Center was justified, but you must realize that many people around the world do feel that it was justified. Have you ever stopped to wonder why so many people feel that this attack was justified?

America claims to be at war with terrorists. However, America provides five billion dollars per year to an international terrorist organization based in the Middle East, the Likud. Why is not the Likud on the list of banned terrorist organizations, as Hamas is? Why does America give five billion dollars to Likud but not to Hamas?

Have you forgotten that not many years ago, the USA invaded a foreign country, captured the president of that country, brought him to the USA and tried him for a "crime" which had not occurred in the USA and which was not illegal where he was alleged to have done it?

There is a long list of things like that which the USA has done, not the least of which was indicting Bobby Fischer for playing a chess match in Yugoslavia, which was not a crime, either in Yugoslavia or in the USA.

Sam Sloan

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