An Amazing Lie by Tim Redman

Now it becomes apparent that Tim Redman really does not know the difference between a lie and the truth. Why else would someone tell such a blatant and obvious lie on such a public forum?

Only a few days ago, Tim Redman directed, instructed, ordered or whatever you want to call it that Sam Sloan be removed from the BINFO Distribution List. George DeFeis, USCF Executive Director, had no choice but to obey this order because Redman controls a majority of the board which can fire DeFeis any time it wants to.

Yesterday, Redman told DeFeis to re-instate me to the BINFO Distribution List, which DeFeis did immediately.

But now, this morning, Redman claims that he never ordered DeFeis to remove me from the BINFO distribution list in the first place.

How can Redman possibly make such a claim? Is he sick? Is something wrong with his mind?

Here is the correspondence which shows this. Perhaps Redman is claiming that his instruction to DeFeis to remove me from the list was not an "order", but everybody in an employer-employee situation understands that an instruction from the boss is an order.

Here is what Los Angeles Times columnist Jack Peters wrote about Tim Redman three years ago:

"Tim Redman: .... Over the years, though, Redman has carved out his own niche as an undesirable. He is polite and even-tempered in person, but a habitual liar. He tells different stories to different people, and his promises are worthless. He helped the USCF set up standards for tournament directors at national events, but misused his position to award directing jobs to himself and his friends."

The voters did not listen to Peters then, and Redman was elected. What will they think now?

Here are the letters. Note that on May 1, Redman wrote to George DeFeis: "Please instruct Laura Martz to remove Sam Sloan from automatic receipt of the binfo messages." However, on May 5, Redman says: "There were no orders to the office about excluding anyone from the binfo list. These events are only occurring in your mind."

In addition, contrary to what Redman says, Redman never sent me any "instructions about not posting to" and I doubt that he sent such instructions to the other candidates either.

From: Timothy P Redman To: Cc:, Subject: Re: Restoring Mr. Sloan Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 09:25:30 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Dear Mr. Smith,

Your paranoid interpretations of imagined events seem to be getting out of hand. There were no orders to the office about excluding anyone from the binfo list. These events are only occurring in your mind, Bob. Please seek medical help.

Further, your dereliction of duty has been noted by your Board colleagues. Without any advance warning, your non-attendance at the March conference call meeting and your non-attendance at the recent crucial meeting in Seattle have been noted by your colleagues.

To the best of my recollection you haven't fulfilled any of your responsibilities since the start of this year. Your only participation is with these weekly tirades. You owe it to your colleagues on the next Board to either bear your fair share of Board responsibilities or resign.


Tim Redman

In a message dated 5/3/01 1:31:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Dear George:

I'm sorry to bother you again about this matter, but Mr. Sloan claims that he did not receive my instructions about not posting to Further, he has pledged not to do so in the future.

Please ask Laura to restore his name to the distribution list for -- the e-mails should go to all candidates as well as all Board members.



On Fri, 4 May 2001 22:02:48 EDT wrote:

Dr. Redman,

I am quite sure that George is indeed very sorry to be bothered with this and the many other matters in which you, WITHOUT BOARD CONSENT, have exercised your perceived power and have given YOUR orders to the office and its staff. It is no secret that you ordered no Binfo mailings sent to a certified candidate who filed a recall petition against you.

If summer comes, can August be far behind?

Bob Smith

At 12:28 PM 5/1/2001 -0700, Timothy P Redman wrote:

Dear George,

Please instruct Laura Martz to remove Sam Sloan from automatic receipt of the binfo messages as he has violated the requirement that no candidate be allowed to post to that address, which is for Board use only.



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