Is Redman behind the firings of USCF staff members?

Ever since Tim Redman became USCF President, George DeFeis has fired a number of well known and liked long time USCF staff members.

The best known case is Barbara DeMaro, whose firing was the subject of a column in the Boston Globe, but there have been many others.

In addition, while Glenn Petersen was not exactly fired as Chess Life Editor, he was "kicked upstairs" to the nonsense position of "Chief Technical Officer" and promptly resigned from that position.

It is noteworthy that many of these firings have been of people who Redman did not like. For example, Glenn Peterson strongly objected to the proposals by Redman to greatly cut the size of Chess Life, to eliminate TLAs from Chess Life and to publish regional but shorter editions of Chess Life.

In a recent BINFO, former USCF President Bob Smith accused Redman of being behind these firings, an accusation which Redman denies. Here is their exchange of accusations.

Sam Sloan

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:20:01 EDT wrote:

I take exception to Prof. Redman's allegation that the office is "shorthanded as a result of heavy financial losses of the past few years." The office is not short of personnel numbers. It is well known, on the other hand, that several long time professional and effective people were removed for political reasons and at the demand of Prof. Redman. Hopefully this situation will be corrected very soon and I will demand an answer to your particular problem. Best regards as always, Bob Smith

In a message dated 4/19/01 1:47:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, wrote:

Dear Mr. Lerman,

I agree that it has taken us too long to resolve this matter. The USCF is shorthanded due to our heavy operational losses of the past few years. Nonetheless, I do not see why you haven't received at least $10,000 towards settling this account. I am copying George DeFeis, Jeff Loomis, and Tom Brownscombe with this message in the hopes that they can act quickly. I am also copying the Board. You have been kept waiting far too long.


Tim Redman

== = = = =

At 01:53 PM 4/20/2001 -0700, Timothy P Redman wrote:

Dear Bob,

I have not asked that anyone be removed -- your suppositions are baseless. Would you like to clarify who it is you imagine I had removed? "It is well known" is an empty smoke screen.



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